Aisle – The Dating App

So, today (11th Dec 2015), I have started analysing a exclusive Social Networking site called – Aisle. This site claims to be an exclusive category Dating tool. I have so far not understood why it is exclusive, if everyone can register using his Facebook or LinkedIn account. But probably I will find that out after installing their App on my phone. This site has both Android and iOS Apps. I will go ahead with the Android App and start using it.

And here are some of the observations I have made….

  1. I have installed the Android App, and the registration process is via ONLY Facebook or LinkedIn profiles.
  2. At a times you will the error saying ‘No Internet Connection’, bear with it. And retry. Probably you will get through in the next attempt.
  3. Once you are in (I used my facebook profile), you are asked to fill up a sheet where you are supposed to fill up essential details like name, age, sex, location, and most importantly your marital status and Caste (with an option to write None). Ok, so married people don’t get an entry here.
  4. You click submit, and boom, you get an error message – Please choose a preferable location from where we can find suitable matches for you. However, I couldn’t find any such required entry in the form. And hence the application gets stuck here and your registration doesn’t get complete.

I will give it another attempt some time soon. But as of now, this product appears like an unfinished product to me. And guess it has not been launched properly yet. I discovered this product via one of the Quora Q&As.

Anyway, here is a little I am going to say (or comment) on my experience with the product, whatever I could experience…

A. My expectation, when I attach the word exclusive, is that I am going to get a refined product to use and experiment with. I am sure whoever is going to read this will make sure that the product really makes a customer feel exclusive.

B. I am not sure how would you ever stop someone who has intentionally created a Facebook or LinkedIn profile to dodge your screening. I know you would say that you do a manual screening, but even then it’s possible. But I would like to give a fair chance. So as a user I am ready to adjust with it.

C. At some point of time I would have wanted to experience how different it is from existing solutions we have. As in, if the final purpose is to get a perfect match, he can always look upto the premium versions of traditional sites like or, and if the person can shell out some good amount he will contact premium concepts like or As a user I am confused why you exist and what differentiates you from other premium matrimony sites. (Yes, someone might say its a dating site which should eventually lead to a marriage. In essence, every matrimonial site does the same – Helps people meet for a couple of times, or have some conversations over the phone and then take a call on future course of action).

D. 10 days to approve a profile! I believe that is a bit on the higher side. I assume you are doing every bit of due-diligence, but trust me all this goes futile on the same 5-10% people who will anyway do anything to get filtered in all your checks. I am sure you can do a better job than this.

Updated 4 days later. I have still not been able to enter the details into your system. As the App won’t allow me. I have re-installed the App, but to no use. So I am leaving it there.

Final words – You guys might have come out to create an elite platform which will act as a new age solution to finding a perfect match. However, your technology is not letting you do so. Also, an average user will always try and break your processes to get an entry into the club. And this 10% of the ‘law breakers’ will be the second hurdle you need to cross. I see that you guys need to go a very long way from here. Setup things properly, you are not able to clear the fundamental requirements yet. I wish you all the best.


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