Style Flip =


I have picked up the screen image from an upcoming site called StylFlip which I ‘believe’ they wanted to be pronounced as Style Flip.

One thing kept me thinking, their business tag line says – Buy & Sell pre-loved fashion through closets around you. I insist that you verify the same yourself by visiting their website.

Wonder if I am right in ‘assuming’ that this is a marketplace for used fashion goods? I believe no one else has created such a marketplace so far for the Indian market. And if they are really creating something similar, I would say that is a bold experiment they are doing. And I will be very much interested in observing how things unfold for them.

If what I am hoping this platform to be, then this would sure attract a lot of other ideas around this space to pick up pace (or include it in their active business lines); or if this idea clicks in the times to come, then this would become a value adding business line which can easily be plugged into any similar natured company. Simply put, if this idea clicks or if it is able to generate some traction, there will be many takers for this idea and will merge it in their existing lines. I see some awesome value adding potential here.

But without jumping the gun, lets wait for their launch. Rest of the analysis, commentary and forecasts after they are operational. Good Luck guys @ StylFlip 🙂