eCommerce Notes

Since year 2011 I have been associated with multiple eCommerce ventures of different scales and different flavours. I have been lucky to be exposed to the wide spectra of strategies being played out by these companies to create space for themselves in the wide, wild, and diverse online shoppers across the globe.

All this has led me to a fundamental understanding of what works, and what doesn’t. Also, has given me a handful of tools to analyze what may create value and what will just burn the money and diminish the customer experience.

And now, after 5 years, when India seems to be riding high on the consumer internet and its possibilities in the future, I find myself in a position to appreciate and enhance the ideas and execution methodologies which create value for all the stakeholders. I also feel mildly eligible to comment and contradict on some of the things people are doing incorrectly or unethically.

So, with this portal coming into the picture I will be getting actively sharing my thoughts on many aspects of eCommerce business we see around us. I am not necessarily going to follow any set pattern, however the central idea is to highlight the good work these companies are doing, and also put a red flag on some of things they are not doing correctly.

I also encourage you to share your questions to me directly at – , I will do my best in answering your questions, dilemmas, decisions.

Stay connected folks 🙂

I shall maintain a ready list of articles (Latest first) so as to make it easy for you to access articles on a regular basis.

My association with e Commerce companies dealing with Products in Education, Fashion, Jewellery, Lingerie, Food Items, Electronics, etc, might baffle you a bit, however I encourage you to stay focused and keep a check on this page about once a week.



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