Jobs & People. Be here!

I frequently I come across Start Ups who are ALWAYS looking for wonderful people, and I continuously talk to people who are highly motivated towards working at organizations which are shaping the new economy.

So, here is how I think I can contribute without becoming a gatekeeper or an agent – Companies can send their requirements here (and I will circulate it among the start up enthusiasts), and start up enthusiasts are welcome to express their willingness to work on thing they would love to (and I will communicate the same to relevant start ups).

Only one thing I would like to caution you upon, to start ups and the start up seekers, any relationship takes time to build. Don’t be in a hurry. Any relationship which is meant to work, will take its own sweet time. And this should always remains as it is. Any relationship between you and the startup, if started in a hurry, is going to hurt later. Avoid the hurry.

So here is what you need to do – Drop me a mail each and every time you are looking for someone to join your start up, or you are willing to get experience a start up life. Do not hesitate, I read each and every email from an individual and make it a point to reply.

So, remember this email ID for your future needs –

(And its a promise that this service to me fellow start up folks will be free forever. Free as in the Air we breathe, and not like sham FreeBasics from Facebook. Its a promise.)