StartUp Commentary

As a part of my assignments I am always assigned the duty to keep a watch on the  activities which enhance value for an organization. Be it the new ideas team members come up with, or the style of executing, customer experience all this while, or even the way the investors want to tweak something. My role has been to monitor things which ‘might’ add value.

As a consequence of the same, I have been associated with a lot of discussion around Idea Filtering, building MVPs, Product Planning, designing the marketing and operations strategies, developing M&A plans, Exits, etc. One thing remains common to all these discussions – Everyone is talking only about picking up the ‘real’ value from the basket.

Having gone through this exercise daily, since last many years now, I am getting into a habit of running into a commentary whenever I come across some new activities via my news feed. I automatically getting into the Value Hunting mode and usually share my thoughts. And so far I have been doing it in an unstructured manner. However, with this portal coming into the picture I have a method to offer my madness logic and present it to you in a slightly more researched manner.

A common theme of my analysis and commentary will be always impregnated with the actual benefit to the end consumer, real benefit to the existing eco-systems, technological advancements, etc. So with this I would like to get started on this journey, which needs an audience who keep interacting with me while I am driving this car blog, or else I might feel sleepy too soon.

Keep coming back 🙂


I encourage people to counter the arguments I present here, and offer a different opinion. Doing so, you will do a great justice to the articles written here. Or else, you can also bash me by sending an email at , I am forced to check these emails because all my accounts are integrated here. Rest assured your email will not skip my attention. I also encourage you to share your ideas you are working upon, I assure you that I will try to add value to it, and second, if it appeals to me I will also offer it a bit of publicity via my public writings. So, do share your ideas and startups you are working on.

A complete list of companies I have been covered so far….


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Juggernaut – A bold experiment in the Publishing Industry – Juggernaut


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