Useful Tools & Apps

Every other day, we come across tools, tricks and tips to get things done easily and effectively for no cost (well, almost free). But it doesn’t take too long to forget the tool and every time you need to do something you  repeat the whole process of searching, exploring, and then coming to a conclusion on which tools to use.

So, this list is for two straightforward reasons – a) Ready to use, mostly free tools, and b) Get better tools recommendations from you.

Personal & Team’s Productivity

  1. Google Keep – A simple tool to take quick notes, make lists, set location & time based reminders, and much more. With effortless sharing capabilities. FREE.
  2. Evernote – A wonderful tool to take longer notes, collaborate, and maintain record of things on an on-going basis. All this for FREE. In the Paid version, there is a whole lot of extra features. (You can have a desktop version, use the web or mobile version too)

Personal & Professional Communication

I believe it would be a disrespect to your intelligence if I have to suggest you to use WhatsApp or any other similarly popular Apps. So I am not getting into the ones you would already know and highly likely that you are using them. So, here are some other ones which are worth an attempt:

  1. Telegram – Technically speaking, this is a better platform for organizations to have messaging groups. And ofcourse this can be used for your personal communication much like you use WhatsApp. Try it know more about it.

Mental & Physical Health and Fitness

  1. Pacer
  2. Peak

Games which enhance you

There are some games where your goal is to simply challenge you to take some actions like keep hitting at something, or endlessly keep repeating a particular action which end up only using up your time. How about playing games which challenge you to think, and in return offer you a better functioning analysis muscles – your brain 🙂

  1. Game of Go! – The Chinese game of strategy, which has been used to not only create warfare strategies but also to evaluate marketing strategies by corporations. Playing this game will not only enhance your strategic understanding of situations, you will also become a master of attacking the situations in the most fitting manner. Give it a chance.